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The Minstrel Show

Black-Face Minstrelsy
This site is about the influences of the minstrel routine on Mark Twain's book "Tom Sawyer und Huckleberry Finn". Apart from this there are some images and two original dialogues which were acted on the minstrel stage of the last century.
The Minstrel Show
Some basic historical facts, some good reflexions on the adaptation of African-American culture by the whites, and some nice illustrations showing minstrel characters and performers.
The Minstrel Show's Contribution to Folk Music
This paper is about the complex correlation between folksongs of European origin, African music tradition and the songs which, making use of these influences, became popular on the minstrel stage. Moreover, there is some information on the minstrel routines and characters.
An article provided by James Clyde Sellman which gives an overview over minstrelsy from the very beginnings to its influences on American popular culture of the 20. century. A good read.
Stephen Foster Songs
This highly recommendable site is about Stephen Foster, one of the most prolific and influential composers of American Songs in the 19. century. Apart from a detailed biography his music comes alive in more than 200 midi-files.


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